Monday, March 29, 2010

Update Update

I am so busy now days that I barely have time to breathe. My job is going very well. Right now I am doing a lot of training. This involves sometime driving back and forth to Arlington to the regional office for training. I have to leave the house at 6am and get back about 6:30pm. It has been very tough. I graduate from training on June 18th. At this time I get my own cases, I am on my own. I will be a lot more flexible. I think the job is going to be great. Exactly what I have longed for and needed.
With all of this said, it is tough. I miss the kids, and I miss Wesley. I feel like we just all see each other in passing now. Welcome to the real world right!!
Our church just went on a Ladies Retreat. I did not get to go because of work and the kids sports. I was very sad. But as the days go along we are adjusting and things are getting easier.
Kyra has been going through a good streak here lately. Chiari is one strange disease, you just never know what the next day will bring. But praise God she has been doing better. Only God knows how long that will last but for now we are thrilled about that.
Wesley hurts everyday. I do not say this to be negative, it is the truth. You will not hear him say that, infact he wants noone to know. Here I am telling the world. Really how many people read this blog? Not many!! HEHE
Anyhow, he is managing. He goes back to his neurosurgeon next week. We will see what he says.
Aside from working sports have started. If anyone would like the times of games please e-mail me. For security reasons, I do not feel comfortable putting them on the site.
Haley and Kyra play softball and Blake plays baseball. Haley is catching again this year. This is Blake's first year in coach pitch. Kyra thinks she is going to be like big sister. I will get better about updatting :)

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