Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Neurosurgeon Appt.

Wesley went back for his three month post appt. The Dr. changed his settings on the shunt, which then sent him for an X-Ray. Shunt is in place. The Dr. said nothing else can be done. He can send him to a headache Dr. (keep in mind already been down that road many times), but he said we just watch the shunt and when it stops up we do surgery. Lovely!! Is that really what Wesley wanted to hear? Umm.. NO. But, overall he is doing well. I think he took the news fine, he knew there was nothing else that could be done. So far his headache is worse, so changing the settings may have been a bad thing, time will tell. If anything the Dr. will change it back.
So thats that...

I love my job. I really do. I actually love working. I think I had been at home for so long that I kind of lost who I was. Does that make sense?
When I tell people who I work for I get really bad reactions, but let me say this is a very rewarding job. We help a lot of people. It is not about taking kids away, infact that the LAST resort. I have seen some bad stuff. In a way, I think I lived in a bubble before now. My eyes are now wide open. I have also learned that you can not judge people just because they have made a mistake. God forgives right?? You do not know what these people have been through growing up, you do not know what they have been taught, and you do not know what they are going through. You can not judge, because in most cases you have no clue!
I am tired and I do miss the kids. But, it is working out. My mom is a big help to me. Wesley is doing a great job too.
The kids are good. Here are some updated photos. Enjoy!!

Haley turns 12!! Where has the time went?

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Heather Keener said...

Your kiddos are too precious. Where does the time go? Really...where?? :)