Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall My Favorite

I love Fall my favorite time of year. This week has been so busy for us. Kyra's Pre-K class went to the pumpkin patch this morning. Me and Wesley went along with them. Wesley was able to go and that was a blessing.

At home the kids have been having fun getting ready for Halloween. Here is one little monster that has been running around house.

The little one behind the mask is Kyra. She was even scaring her older sister and brother. Ha

Blake's school had a pumpkin contest. Without cutting it, you could make the pumpkin into anything you wanted too. Your parents could help and hopefully it would bring some bonding time between parents and the child. Well Blake wanted to make his into a Tiger. His schools name is Hyde Park Tigers, so imagine that. Well his mother was the helper and I am not the most creative person, so here is what we as a team came up with.

Does it look more like a rabbit? Ha, thats what everyone at my house thought. Well needless to say, Blake did not win, but we had a great time doing the pumpkin together and thats what matters.

My Little Candy Corns!! :)
We are really enjoying Fall.

As rough as most days are little joys like you see above make everything better. I remember last year saying that no matter how bad things are I am going to do everything I can to make sure the kids still enjoy the Holidays. Well the time is here again, and I find myself thinking the same thought this year.
Wesley went back to the doctor and even though he is still sick and having fever, the doctor stated that it is normal until the infection is all out. The doctor is not going to let him return to work for at least two more weeks. He goes back to the doctor in two weeks.

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Heather Keener said...

Glad yall had a good time! Have a Happy Halloween!