Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Still in hospital..

We are still here. They were saying we might get out today, but he had a rough morning so not for sure now. Surgery went well yesterday. The metal plate was taken out and behind it was some infection. They are hoping it is just a minor infection that will just take oral medicine. The doctor has sent the culture off to be tested, that will take days to get back. Now he just has to recover again.
It seems that every time this gets harder. I could complain all day, but I am trying hard to feel blessed and thankful to God.
I know everyone means well do not get me wrong, but it is really hard to have faith right now. Can anyone understand where I am coming from? I know there are people that are so much worse off. Trust me I have walked the halls here and cried, I see people worse. It does not help the fact that I feel like we are in hell!!!
Wesley had just gotten back to work and now he will be off again for a few weeks. This just goes on and goes on. So everyone feel free to try and make me understand how to continue to have faith. I will be very honest, I am really having trouble.
In the midst of this Kyra has been having problems with her neck. She has a bad cough, which we are know makes the Chiari mad, so she has been hurting. Thankfully my mother has been with her. Her year check up is coming up and I am scared to death that it has gotten worse.
Anyhow, I will be ok, I always bounce back and I know God is giving me strength. Just having a hard time right now understanding why we can not get a break.


cWa said...

I know it's hard, I can't imagine. We all go through struggles in life and it's during those times that we have the choice to allow God to strengthen us or allow others to continue to bring us down. Your situation is not like anything I've been through. I can't relate. However, I did loose my dad suddenly when I was only 19 and he was only 43 from a car accident...it was horrible, I didn't know how I could continue, how I could move away from my mom in just 1 month for me to attend college hours away. But I did and we are both stronger because of it. It is now part of "my story" and something that God allowed to shape my life and not crush it. I think of you guys often although we have never met. I pray for healing and strength & peace and calmness.

Sandi said...

Praying for you all!

Naomi said...

My heart breaks for you guys! I cannot even imagine. I hope you know it is OK to be mad and frustrated. God is big and can take your anger and madness. He is also always there for us, no matter what happens. He is not in Heaven choosing for bad things to happen (although it seems like it at times). This world is not our home and bad, terrible things happen in this fallen world. I wish I had the words that could take all the pain away, but I do not. Know that you guys are being prayed over. We love you. Please let us know if there is anything we can do.