Sunday, October 10, 2010


Hi Everyone
I do not keep my promises do I? Time for an update. Life just stays so crazy and I have no excuse, because I should make time for something I love which is blogging, but I just do not make time.

Wesley is doing pretty well. He still has headaches, he always will, but not near as often. I would say on average he now has a BAD one about once a week; use to he was having them daily. His brain has not swelled and fluid has not been building up. The shunt was no longer needed that is clear. He went back to work after three weeks and is doing well. He was switched to night shift and he does not like it at all. I am pretty good about adjusting to whatever we need to, thats what you do when you are a police wife. But, it is hard on me when I know he does not like it. But, not much he can do about it. We are both hoping that with time it will get better.

Kyra on the other hand has been having headaches more often. It is still not to bad, but I am going to start working on getting her into the Austin Dr. for her yearly check up. I know it will take time, so I should probably go ahead and start.
Kyra and Breanna are both going to Pre-K and they really love it. At first I felt upset that I had to put them both in Pre-K. I know thats normal to many, but I had been at home so long, that it was very hard. But, it has worked out great.
I totally love my job. Of course there are days to where I do not know what I am thinking, but for the most part I love it.

I have always felt like I am here to help other people. It has always been my passion. One reason why I obtained a Social Work degree. But, I truely believe God was just waiting for the right moment to put me exactly where I need to be. My heart has been heavy here lately. I want to do more, I am just not for sure what yet. I have been praying about it.
My heart has always been so heavy for people that can not have children. I know some of you know that I was going to be a surrogate mother for a couple, but they backed out because the father got sick. I never tried again. I am not for sure, whether I want to work with aboptions or what. I am even considering getting my masters degree, so I can go a little further with my degree. Maybe into adoptions or something. Like I said just really praying about it. Something feels like it is missing. Well I totally went from an update to blah blah blah about whats on my heart. Sorry, guess I needed to get that out. How about some updated pictures!!

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