Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tomorrow Maybe the Day

We maybe going home tomorrow. They will send him home with medication and maybe a Pick-Line in his arm to continue medication. We are just ready to be home. The kids miss us bad. We miss home.
I went today and met my good friend Amy half way and picked Haley up she is staying with us tonight. She really wanted to see her dad.
She has such an upbeat attitude, she has brought his spirits up and made him laugh.
There relationship is amazing and I am glad. I want my girls to have that with their dad.
But, anyhow tomorrow maybe the day.
It feels like we have been here for a month. But, you know as we walk the halls, I just praise God that Wesley is still with us. That he just has an infection and he will be alright. Not everyone at this hospital will be.
I know Wesley is always going to have problems, since there is no cure for his disease, and I know Kyra could get worse, but I just have to hold on to my faith. We are nothing without it.
It is hard for Wesley to see that right now, can you blame him. But I have to keep my faith and hope that it helps him in some way.
Trust me and my good friends know, there are days that I really struggle with keeping my faith. It is hard to understand. But, I ask myself how and the world I do what all I do and I keep my strength. That strength is coming from God. It is so amazing!! That brings me back to reality, of course my friends bring me back from time to time too. I am not perfect by any means. I have bad days a lot, but each time this happens, I am amazed at the strength that me and my children have.

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Praying For Abby Grace said...

I am praying for you guys right now. I cannot imagine how frustrated he must be and tired he is of feeling this way. Praying for his strength.