Sunday, November 21, 2010


Well he is on his 5th day. There is "hope" that tomorrow he may get to go home. I am not holding my breathe, because he still has a long ways to go. He has made some progress, but very slow.
This has been one of the worst stays, well it does not beat the 14 day stay at Baylor, but he has been so sick this time.
I have stayed pretty caught up with my job, not for sure how I have done that, but I have.
The kids have done pretty well, it seems to have been a little harder on them this time around. It happened so fast and they have been switched with more then one person this time. But, I feel like when we get back, everything will work itself back out. They are out of school this week, so thats good.
A good friend is actually going to bring Haley down today. She wants to see her dad and stay a while.
We are not for sure what the future holds for Wesley. We really appreciate all the prayers.
I do truely believe that God has a plan, somedays I do not understand why this has to be part of the plan, but we have to hold on to our faith; without it we have nothing.
I ask that our main prayers are for Wesley's faith and of course health. He is starting to get really down. After three years of this can you blame him? Lets pray for him!!

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