Friday, December 31, 2010

Bring on the New Year

This last year has been full of many days of happiness, sadness, trials, sickness, blessings, new friends, new job and much more.
Whether it is sickness or health, happiness or sadness, God has been near.
It seems that every year I feel closer to God, what a blessing. Not to say I do not struggle, but as 2011 draws near I have many goals and feel positive.

I know that now that 2011 is almost here Kyra has to have her yearly brain check up. I have found a new doctor in Dallas that deals with Chiari. My goal is to get her into this doctor and with open arms embrace what is brought our way. What a blessing it would be if Kyra's brain was healed, but that will not be the case; as I know that is impossible so instead my goal is to be strong and do whatever is needed to help Kyra. I will quit trying to make myself believe that she is not sick.
I plan to become more involved with Chiari research. I hope that in 2011 they become closer to a cure. I want to write more about Chiari and our story. I am realizing how much of a story we have.
I will be strong for Wesley and pray that he has a much better year with his health.

I will take care of myself. Fred, also known as my gallbladder will be coming out on January 28. Wesley will take good care of me. I will feel so much better.

I will become more involved in church. I will not let my faith slip or take my eyes off of God.

I have a lot of plans and goals. One day at a time is really all we can do. We are planning to go to Disney World in June 2011, thanks to my mother helping. I just know this will be a great year.
I wish the best for everyone and a very Happy 2011. Bring it on!!! Check back often.

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