Thursday, January 13, 2011

Three Steps Forward and Two Steps Back

Have wanted to blog everyday and it has not happen for the last week. We have had some bumps in the road the past week.

I have been so busy at work. I keep getting case after case. A couple of cases blew up this week. It has taken a toll on me. I am still learning to not take everything personal. I work so hard on helping these people and then for them to blow up at me because they have made a mistake and then just let everything go because they are on drugs or whatever is hard sometimes. They put the blame on someone/anyone other then theirselves. But I remember by telling myself that the positive cases out rule the hard ones. Just been a rough week.

For the past week Wesley's headaches have been back. No clue why. Have not called a doctor yet, just praying it will go away and not get worse.

Having trouble getting Kyra into the doctor I want. Still trying.

My surgery is on the 28th and even though I know it is not a big deal of a surgery, I am still scared. I do not want to be down at all. But thats in Gods hands and I know I have to get it down.

Just some bumps, but we will get through it.
We did get some snow. Yes, in Texas. We usually get lucky about once a year. It was beautiful and the kids had a blast.

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Praying For Abby Grace said...

Praying for your family right now. I know you guys must be ready for some down-time; you have certainly earned it.