Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sick Again

This has not been a good week for many reasons. I feel like all I do is share negative news; All I ask is for a break. Please.
Here is what my sweet husband posted for me on facebook, since I have been feeling a bit in the dumps with somethings that have been going on.

""I care sweetie and yes you are perfect!`Perfect mother to our kids Perfect person to put up with me, and my never ending problems! Perfect person to help all the people out there that are stuck in a rut and going down the wrong path. Yes... there are times that it may seem you are overwhelmed with work, and people with problems are going to take it out on you, GOD put you in this place for a reason to help his people that are on the wrong path get on the right one. When you are down, just remember and reflect on all the good you do. Let it help you find the strength to overcome the bad times/ones. I LOVE YOU sweetie!! Me and the kids are very proud of you! Smile and put the bad behind you!! ;)""

I really appreciated that comment. I am so blessed to have the husband that I do.
I came home Friday having bad gallbladder attacks. And then as soon as I got home Breanna started throwing up.

Over the course of two months each of my children have had this tummy bug at different times. Could they all not just get it at the same time? UGH!! Breanna is a bit better today. Last night was rough for her and me.

I am praying for a break. Just want everyone in my house to be well for a week. All I ask. If that is negative I am sorry. Ok, now that I have vented. Thank You for listening/reading.

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Praying For Abby Grace said...

So sweet of your husband to post that you to right when you needed it. He knew you needed some encouragement. Momma, you are more than deserving of some down time and I pray you get it soon!!!