Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day # 3

We live in Texas, right!?!? As far back as I can remember we have not had a ice/snow storm like the one we had Tuesday. We are on day number three of being stuck in this house. The kids have had no school. The roads are frozen solid and we are forecasted for more snow tomorrow. Remember I just had surgery and this week was suppose to be about resting. HA!! No really, I have rested, and have enjoyed just being lazy for a change. My work has actually been closed the last two days, so I was not docked any time.
I am feeling much better. Actually by Tuesday I was doing very well, besides the staples inching like crazy. I get them out today; if the doctor is open, ha.
I can tell a difference. I have had a few times of my tummy still getting upset, but overall I can eat now without getting sick. Praise God!! So hopefully that is the end of my problems.
This is not a good photo, but just a few staples and soreness. I am good :)

Wesley has been a different story. The doctor has been closed and he is out of medicine. But, there is hope in sight today. They are suppose to open. He has really been battling the Chiari headaches.

The kids have been ripping the house apart. I think they are tired of this house.
What do you think?

This picture does not do the playroom justice. We cleaned last night, not for sure why. Ha.

So here we go day number three. Will let you know what Mother Nature does next.


Jennifer said...

It looks great!! So glad you are feeling better! Was so suprised and happy to see you at my shower on Sunday.
Also...the playroom doesn't look bad at is a place for kids to play ya know!

love ya!

Jennifer said...

BTW...who did your's super cute!!!