Sunday, January 29, 2012

Brian's Tree

I would like to share the story of "Brian's Tree". My brother was killed 14 years ago in a car accident. He was actually with his track team and they were coming back from a track meet, when the driver fall asleep. Several of the kids were injured, but my brother was the only one that passed away. That day is still craved in my head like it was yesterday. Gosh, I miss him. But, I know I will see him again one day. About the tree... A month before he was killed him and my father planted a tree at a local Elem. school, which he had attended his whole life. That Live Oak Tree has grown and grown and is beautiful. Now all the local schools in our town are getting built on to and remodeled, which is awesome for our town. My children now attend the same Elem. school and we live right behind it. Through this construction I learned a few weeks ago that the tree would have to be cut down because that is where the drive-thru was being built. I was on the phone; talking to my dad, talking to the principle, finding a tree company that could save the tree. I found one and today the tree was moved. It was moved back by one of the play grounds so that the students can enjoy it and I can see it from my house. Here are some pictures. My heart is so warm tonight and now we just pray that it will take off and survive.

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