Sunday, April 1, 2012

Making Improvements

Improvements are being made. He is almost off the heavy pain medicine and just down to taking pills that they can send him home on. We walked some today. Still no shower; maybe tomorrow. Today has been pretty quite. We are both really missing the kids. We are really missing our bed. Just so very thankful for my mother and father that have helped with the kids.
My mom has had them almost the whole time, and I know she is so tired, but never complains.
Love my mom!!
So thankful for all our co-workers, friends, family, etc. that are and have been praying for us.

Nurse Angela left tonight at 7:00 it was sad in a weird way that we will not see her again. (Or we better not, she is not back until Friday). Zale Lipshy is amazing. Not one bad thing that I could say. All staff is wonderful. Even the cleaning staff. I really like talking to her in the mornings too.

Another sign that Wesley is getting better, "we are fighting over the air; I am hot, he is cold"!

God has made me realize even more how much I love this man and could not live without him, really!! We have had our share of problems here lately. I can't explain what a sick husband, four kids, full-time jobs, etc. can do to a relationship. But, we have been married 14 years in July. Even though there have been times that I want to jump in my van and run away (REALLY), I would be lost without "this life that God chose for me". Wesley is truely my hero!

Ready to get home and try to get back to normal. By the way, Haley's MRI is Friday.

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