Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Morning

Well I started the morning with my OCD straigthening of the room. We have a big suite by the way. The same room we have been in before.
By the way, I love this hospital and our day nurse Angela. LOVE HER!! Today is her last day and she is off :(
But, I am sure all the nurses are great. I love nurses by the way too!!
God is doing great things. Wesley is taking small steps forward and thats all we can ask for.
The goal today is to let up on the HEAVY pain medicine so we can move towards getting to go home.
That was stopped when the doctor came in and had to clean his head, because it is bleeding (normal) and that was so bad I left the room. UGH!!
So, as you can tell we are not going anywhere. Not sure when we will. But, praising God for the small changes that are happening.
I have to "work" today on my work computer. So behind. At least I am able to work from the hospital.

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Jane Ayres Keele said...

We continue to pray for Wesley, you and your family. Thanks for the BLOG, we are all so concerned.