Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Once again God is watching out for us. We left Dallas around 12:45 and around 1:00 it is my understanding that storms started to roll in all around and Tornado's. My prayers go out to everyone involved in that area. So scary!!

We got back into town and I went and got all of Wesley's medicines. Then I surprised the kids at school. They were so excited. Very excited to see daddy too. Here is Wesley explaining all the cuts. Look how Breanna is looking at him listening. Priceless. So happy to be home!

I am sorry if this picture bothers some people. I went back and forth with posting it, but decided to post it, just to better explain what the doctors did. As you can see on the right side that is an old scar because that is where the shunt used to be. On the left side is the fresh cut. They are matching. Then you can not see from the picture, but the shunt tube runs down and there is also a small cut above his ear then it runs behind his ear down into his stomach. There is another cut on his stomach where the Doctor pulled the shunt tube down.

So far all is going well. Besides surgery pain, Wesley seems to be doing very well. Praise God!!
I have so many people to thank. I will probably never get Thank You cards out to everyone.
Just to mention a few; but I want EVERYONE to know how very THANKFUL we are for all the prayers, texts, food, calls; etc.
**God is so GOOD
**Dr. White. AMAZING
**Nurses at Zale Lipshy
**Lisa for staying with me while Wesley was in surgery and bringing us food
**My good friend Keary for surprising me by coming while Wesley was in surgery
**All of our awesome friends that called, texted, and most IMPORTANT prayed!
**My co-workers and supervisor that prayed and are very understanding
**Our church-PACOC
**My mother who kept the kids almost the whole time, cleaned my house, went to Wal-mart, etc. I do not know what I would do without her.
**My father that gave my mom a break with the kids
**James and Basil that mowed our yard
**Ron that checked on our dogs
**The kids teachers, nurse, counselor,and principle that gave our children extra love
**And the meals that already started tonight. BIG HELP!
I know I am leaving people out and I am sorry. But, we are so thankful please know that.

Well I need to get some sleep. I am going to work Wednesday and Thursday, then take off Friday to take Haley for MRI and the kids are out of school.
I am loving being back blogging; I will not stop this time. I really enjoy it.

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