Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Worn Out!

Back to my reality and I am worn out. Wesley has had a rough day. Everything is on me right now; which I totally understand. I really pray my sweet hubby has a better day tomorrow.
Here was my day in a nutshell!
Woke up-got myself ready, got the kids ready, breakfast, etc. Out the door.
Dropped Haley off, dropped Blake and Kyra off. Then headed to drop Breanna off. Breanna had an Easter Egg Hunt that I wanted to stay for and it was not until 9:45. So instead of going all the way to work I ran to Wal-Mart because I needed a couple items. So I went to Wal-Mart then came back for Breanna's Easter hunt. Here she is. So CUTE! This was her last Easter Egg Hunt in Pre-K. Makes me sad. Is she really starting Kindergarten in the Fall??

After the hunt I went to work. Worked Worked.
Left about 3:30 went and picked Haley up from school took and dropped her off for a cheer meeting. By the way Haley made JV cheerleader for next year. Yes, she will be a freshman. WOW!!
Dropped her off at the meeting, went home. My mother had picked the other kids up. Went home started homework, etc. Wesley was not feeling well.
Haley called; went back and picked her up. Went back home finished homework. Church brought us supper. PRAISE GOD, what a big help. We ate.
Loaded all the kids up. Kyra and Breanna had softball practice. Took my work computer with me because I had a deadline to meet tonight; started working on that assignment.
Practice over. Went home; baths, books, etc. Bed for the kids. Semi tried to clean a few things. Set down finished my assignment; made my deadline with work.
Now I am blogging and going to bed. Goodnight. Tomorrow is a very busy day at work and then a PTO meeting. But no kid activities, so I get a break in that department.

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