Saturday, July 21, 2012

Back Again

Yes..I know.. I said I was not going to stop blogging, and almost three months has passed. WOW. Let me update everyone and "state" again that I am going to try hard to keep the blogging up. Life is just very busy, but I really miss it.

At the bottom of the blog I put in a slideshow with some updated pictures. Let me say that the last three months have been hard and we have been leaning on God a lot. Wesley is still not working and thats all I am going to say. Me and especially Wesley have continued to be respectful, honest, and kind. We will continue to be that way so I am not saying anything else but I will tell you that we do not know if Wesley will get to go back to work; and I WILL say it is nothing to do with "Wesley" not wanting to work he is longing so bad to continue being a Police Officer; only God knows and we should know something very soon.
God has a plan always and his plan may not be exactly what we want, but we are prepared to move along in the direction that God takes us. We are OK with that. But, I will say times have been hard and filled with some very sad days. We are only Human!
God contines to show us how very blessed we are. We have so much to be thankful for.

I am still working and working a lot. Since Wesley is home I do not have to worry about the kids as much. I have been working 40-50 hours a week. But, I do still very much love my job and are so thankful for it.

Since I blogged last; school has ended, Breanna turned 5 and summer is in Full-Swing. Haley has been staying very busy with church, cheer, etc. Haley went to church camp, and Blake went to church camp. Haley went to Colorado with church and climbed a mountain, the little girls have been loving the pool. Haley made State with Softball, so we took a "road trip".
The kids have spent a few days with their "granny". We have visited family, me and Wesley have spent time alone---Can you see what I mean we are blessed.

Breanna Turned 5- She wanted a puppy, kitty party.

Breanna graduated from Pre-K :(

Breanna's Awesome Teacher

The girls played softball together on the same team. I have a feeling softball will be our life for many many years to come. My girls love it.

The little girls especially live in the pool. And are sporting a very cute tan.

Haley loves Cheer

My brother graduated from High School. Here I am with my sisters. Yes, I am the "old" one. HA

Kyra lost her first tooth.

As far as Chiari. Wesley is doing well. Praise God. Everyday is a gift. There will always be days that are hard on him but overall he is doing well.
Kyra just had her yearly MRI last week. Her Chiari has not changed in a year and is still mild. PRAISE GOD
She is so brave; did not even cry for the IV. Kyra understands more now and was prepared for the day.

This was right before the IV and naptime

This was after the MRI

She got special treatment when we went to see the Neurosurgeon and we received GREAT news.

As you can see we have been very busy and we are going to be ok no matter what because God is good. Check back soon. Blessings to all.

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