Monday, July 23, 2012


I try to always remind myself how blessed I am. Here is one example:

I went back to work today after a weeks vacation. I don't really feel like it was a vacation; but none the less I was not at "work work" so it was nice and I did get to spend some much needed time with the kids.
Today I went back to a lot of "work". Back to reality. I have started getting ready for back to school. With Four Children you have to start early. Over my time off I did go through clothes and see what was going to be needed. Haley has grown out of everything. She is growing way to fast and should I remind everyone that she will be a Freshman in 6 weeks.
Each one of the kids get their own day. Well, the little girls go together but as you know they will not part ways and chose to go together. But, we go and school clothes shop and school supplies; sometimes not both in the same day. I usually always take Haley on tax free weekend, because her clothes are higher.
So far I have taken Blake for school supplies and spent $40.00 just on him without a backpack, ugh. The kids really enjoy their own time and I am the "mom" that does not let them pick all character school supplies, because lets face it; they are higher. My kids knows that and if anything they just enjoy time alone and feeling "big" grabbing their own supplies.
*So far we only have Blake's school supplies. We have a long ways to go. Enough about that..
I also have been trying to do a little reading and research; that sounds funny but true... On how to make my life earlier when school starts and life is so very busy.
So far I have found some meal plans and organizing ideals, will keep you posted on what I use. I am OCD when it comes to organizing and lately things in our life have not been and that does not make me happy. We are a work in progress.

Today I posted on facebook- And so, Lord, where do I put my hope? My only hope is in you. Psalm 39:7 NLT
This verse spoke to me today as I heard something that was upsetting at first and I had to vent a little and quickly reminded myself that all my Hope is in The Lord and we are going to be just fine.
Hope everyone had a great Monday. Blessings.

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