Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Review
I always say how much I miss blogging and I really do; but I feel like I just can't ever find the time to keep up with it. How do you other moms do it?
I have some goals for 2012, some big some small. I do really want to try really hard about blogging.

It is hard to believe that 2012 is almost over. This year has been hard on our family; but we have so much to be thankful for and we are so blessed. My Faith continues to be strong but not without a lot of struggles. I am only human, right.

*2012 started out with Wesley having another surgery. Wesley's brain started to retain to much fluid again and a shunt was put back in his brain.

Along with this surgery came a six month fight with Wesley's job. Basically to keep my mouth tame I will say that because he has been sick for so long and missed many days, they did everything in their power to let him go. He was put on leave, but we won. He is now back at work and has been since September.
I have only gone into the details with a couple close friends and family; and thats all I am going to say.
But, this was such a blow to our family and was such a struggle. A huge wedge came between me and Wesley. Friends turned on him that you never thought would. Ugly things were said that you never thought someone would say.
But, we survived. It was another strike from Satan and he did not win.
Our family learned that it pays to be respectable, honest, and patient.
Since Wesley's last surgery in Feb. 2012 he is doing well. There will always be days that he may get a Chiari bad headache and just days that are rough; but health wise he is better.
"You can only take one day at a time in life".

In 2012 Haley turned 14 and made High School Cheerleader for the coming school year. Haley continued to be active in church, school, and softball. I am so blessed by Haley and proud. Now remember please do not think I am making our life sound perfect because "TRUST ME" it is not. Haley is 14. We have struggled with some normal teenage, highschool drama, but we are learning everyday.

Spring is always full of Softball Fun for our family. All three girls play it and we love softball.

Haley was tested for Chiari in March by MRI because of headaches and it was negative. PRAISE GOD.

Breanna Grace turned 5. She is our baby. The child that sits back and watches everyone else get in trouble. Loves to give hugs and is so sweet.
Came into this world on her own time, fast and her way. She is that to this day.

Another school year ended and summer begun. We had a quite laid back summer and it was very nice. One positive of Wesley being off work was he was home with the kids all summer and that was so nice for them. Infact he was a very good stay-at-home dad.
Haley made state with softball. We took a trip to watch her that turned into a vacation. We celebrated 4th of July and our 14 year wedding anniversary. Kyra lost her first tooth. Haley and Blake went to church camp. Haley climbed a mountain with church. The kids performed in a church play.

Kyra had her yearly MRI completed on her brain and her Chiari has not gotten worse. What a blessing.

August 2012 school started back up.
Haley started highschool, (Freshman), Blake 5th grade, Kyra 1st, and Breanna started Kindergarten.

Blake turned 10, the last part of August.

The 1st part of September it felt that the whole year came down in a crash. Wesley's mother had a massive stroke and she is only 54. To this day she is still in the hospital fighting with everything she has. She has had several set backs, but keeps fighting. We have been told several times that she would not make it. Tresa has a very long road ahead of her but I have Faith she will come fully back to us.
Our kids are very close to their granny and Wesley has really had a hard time since the stroke. We appreciate prayers on her behalf.
One of the hardest part was that Wesley's baby sister's wedding was marked for a week after the stroke. The wedding was huge and had been planned for a year. The wedding went on and it was bitter sweet time. We wore red ribbons; Tresa favorite color.
I made her a scrapbook and she now knows that she missed it and she loved the album.

We had a few sicknesses throughout the year. One included Kyra in the hospital with pneumonia.

In November Kyra turned 7.

We ended the year with pictures of the kids and Christmas.


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