Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Mother-Law

We took all the Bounds Crew today to see their "granny". "Granny" has been in the hospital since the first part of September after having a heart attack and massive stroke. Now she is at a Speciality Hospital for rehab, etc. Up until this time there were always so many tubes, machines, being on the vent that we were really struggling with allowing the kids to see their granny. Haley did go with us one time and it was hard on her. After prayers we decided to take everyone today and give her Christmas presents and finally let the kids see their granny.
Granny is in OKC and thats almost a three hour drive for us; so we made a day of it.
Throughout the month of September and October me and Wesley went every weekend. It just got to be too much. We had to find babysitters, take off work, and the expense was a lot. I have a heavy heart about that. I wish that she was here in Texas and I could visit several times a week; but thats not God's plan. Granny has always lived in Oklahoma. Well for a very long time anyway.

So we made the drive pretty well; besides one bag of throw up. Poor Breanna gets car sick, even with medicine, we know to have a trash bag around. Anyhow, with kids you clean up and move along.

We made it after lunch and I wish I could freeze the look on Tresa's face when we walked in. The kids were so happy to see her and she was thrilled. Granny has a trach in, so she can not talk. But, you sure can read her lips and she can write, but it's hard to read. The kids were not scared at all. They loved on her and showed her all the many things they made her.
We also had a picture collage made for her with the kids new Christmas pictures in it and had a charm necklace made for her.
It was sad when we had to leave and Haley has even been crying since returning home.
It is hard on Haley that she is unable to just call granny and talk to her about teenage life like she used too.
I reminded Haley what a very long way she has came. Doctor's told us many times that she would not make it through the day.
We are hoping to have her home by summer.
But God knows the ultimiate plan and all we can do is to continue to life Tresa up in prayer.

We made it back late tonight. I have to work tomorrow.
Then tomorrow night is the big game. Boomer Sooner. If the blogging world does not know we are big Sooner fans. We will be having our own little family mini party at home. I will post our yearly sooner photo tomorrow night. Every year we do a picture of the kids dressed up in their sooner clothes.

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