Tuesday, October 6, 2009

One More Day

I am hoping by this time tomorrow we have heard from NY. I do know they received everything, that is a start. After Wesley being so sick on Saturday, the last two days have been a bit better. We love days like those.
I went to bible class today and I am glad I did. We are discussing the Holy Spirit. Which I think is great timing for me. I am keeping myself busy.
I do not plan to sit on pins and needles tomorrow. I am going with Kyra's class to the firestation tomorrow, that will be fun. She is very excited. So am I!!

So many children are sick right now with the flu and other illnesses. I would like you all to stop today and say a pray for everyone that is sick right now. So far, God Bless, my children are staying well. But, it is all around them. Haley said that her first period class only had ten students a few days ago. Scary!!

Check back tomorrow, I will update as soon as I know something. Enjoy this raining day! Well, here is Texas anyway :)

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