Saturday, November 21, 2009

Black Cloud

I have not been blogging much, really nothing to say. Does anyone even read this anyway, I have no clue.
As positive as I try to be, it seems to be getting harder and harder to stay that way.
Wesley went to the Dr. in Dallas on Thursday. He stated that he thinks Wesley needs a shunt revision, that it was draining even slower. Of course, he is not the Dr. to do it, so we would have to see a different one. But, none the less, he thinks that will be one thing he needs. No way to know how quickly it will quit working all together. But, that can explain why he always hurts. The Dr. did think New York was the best ideal we had so far. He said he has tried ever medicine he could and that it is Chiari and the best thing to do is see a Specialist.
As the time approaches, we are having all kinds of mixed emotions and worries.

We have had a rough time keeping the kids well. The last time we had the tummy bug, Blake and myself was the only ones that did not get it. Well a month later, Blake is sick. Now, am I next? Ugh.. I hope not! And will it go around to everyone again? Ugh.. So, today I am just feeling like, "how much more can I take".

I guess this post turned into a downer. But, the truth is I am not a fake person, and I can not pretend. Everyday is not peaches and cream at our house. We have a lot to be thankful for, but we have our bad days just like everyone else.

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