Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Busy Busy

Taking care of sick people. Finally things have calmed down enough for me to blog. After Blake, Kyra came down with the tummy bug. Then that same day Wesley started getting sick. Except he had fever, his head was killing him, throwing up, very sick. After hours of this and his fever going up we took him to the ER. We just never know if it is brain related and we would rather pay a $50.00 co-pay and be safe.
So we spent six hours in the ER. His white blood cell count was up but he tested negative for the flu. They did not think it was brain related. The Dr. said they thought he just had a viral infection and it just had to run its course.
Two days later, being at home doing nothing but sleeping, he is better. Now we are praying that everyone is done getting sick and that we can get ready for Thanksgiving.
We have all been stuck in the house. Did not get to go to church or anywhere for a few days. So today I took the kids to Jump-Land and out for lunch. Things are feeling normal again. Well if you call our life normal. Thursday we are going to go up to Wesley's moms house for Thanksgiving. We will only be gone for the day, because I love to shop on Black Friday! Then Friday afternoon I will spend with my family. We are blessed this year because Wesley's days off fall on Thursday and Friday. So he is off. He has got to work two days this week, ugh. But, at least he is feeling better.
So there is an update. Sick bugs in my house! But, everything is still on. We fly out on the 2nd. Week from tomorrow. YAY!!!!

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