Thursday, December 10, 2009


It is just right up COLD. This morning I was a "terrible" "evil" mother because I made my 11 year old wear her coat. I mean really, "how dare me". She will get over and even though I am sure I will not hear a thank you come out of her mouth, at least I know she will be warm.

Speaking of my eleven year old. She is in middle school now, 6th grade. I am shocked at the things she comes home and tells me that she hears at school. Infact it terrifies me. Sorry, but I will not be telling you all the details. But, it really bothers me that these kids are already saying the things that they are. It has me really doing a lot of thinking. One girl is telling everyone that she is pregnant! Really scary times that we are living in. I just have to pray that me and Wesley are raising her right and that she uses her brain. We are so blessed that she is so involved in our youth group at church and has an AWESOME youth minister. I really think this will play a big part in her life. But, my heart breaks for these kids that really have to clue what they are doing or saying. Where are their parents? Off that soap box!

This week is already almost over. Not for sure where it went. I am looking forward to Monday and seeing Kyra's Dr. I want to see what all he thinks and I want him to look at this MRI and hopefully ease some of my worries. Kyra is doing ok. She has been showing signs this week.
**She has problems with her throat. Hurts to swollow, but nothing is wrong with it.
**Bladder issues. Not to bad this week so far.
**Walking on her tip toes.
**Has only had one headache that she has complain of this week.
I have learned so much from Wesley. Like with Kyra I have started a journal to keep us with everything.

Well, today my goal is to take care of this mountain of mail and bills. Should be fun. HAHA.

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Jannie Bellows said...

You might not expect a thank you from any of your children about the wearing the coat. However, I have heard thanks several times AFTER my three have become adults. The Best IS truly yet to come!