Saturday, December 12, 2009

Worn Out..

I am very worn out. No matter how hard I try I still have tons to do. I bet a lot of you feel that way this time of year. I still have shopping to do, presents to wrap, cards to send. But, I know it will all come together it always does.

Today me, Haley, and Blake went to the Denison game with my dad. They were in the semi-finals. They did not win, but what an awesome game. They have had a great year. What outstanding students.
I am proud to live in Denison. Of course I am a bit biased because I have lived here my whole life and graduated from Denison. But, being honest here, very good school and talented students. I am proud of that and look so forward to everything my children will get to experience.

This next week is going to be so busy. We already have one Christmas event, we have a band concert, we have a school play, school parties, AR Store at school, and I will need to find time to get all the above done that I listed.
Most importantly, Kyra's Dr. appt. is Monday. Hopefully we can get some tests booked.
Last night she had another headache. She came to be with tears in her eyes and just started crying, saying her head was hurting. It broke my heart, just the look on her face. Luckly with Tylenol she is better usually pretty quick.
Wesley surgery is in about two weeks. Hopefully this is his last one for a long time and last hospital stay.

Is everyone done with your Christmas shopping?

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