Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another Weekend Gone..

It amazes me how the days fly by. I will start with saying I am getting closer and closer to having a teenager. Haley will be 12 in a little over a month, she already acts like she is 16 and many think she looks a lot older then she is. Scary and probably not a good thing. She is at the stage that I had hoped would not happen. "Mom is no longer cool".
Friday night she had a friend spend the night. On Saturday we had a little shopping that needed to be done, so me, Haley, and her friend went. In my mind, I was thinking this will be fun. In their mind, "woo hoo, we have a ride to the store and then we can run away from her and pretend that we are grown". While I was at one end of the store, they were at the other looking. When we all met up to leave, I had put a Bra in the cart for me. It was light blue and cream with very small polka dots. Haley says, "Oh my gosh Mom; mothers do not where bra that have polka dots on them" Can we say, "What not to wear".
The day has came, "Mom is no longer cool". *sigh* Thats ok, she loves me. :)

I am so tired tonight, church is going to come early.
I ask that you please pray that we get good results on Kyra, Monday. Please pray that the Lord guides us in the decision that will have to be made. Kyra felt bad today and it just breaks my heart when she can not play. I do not want her to deal with this her whole life, I do not want her to get worse. I also do not want to put her through brain surgery. Please say a prayer.
Love to All :)

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