Sunday, January 31, 2010

So Loved...

I have said many times how much I LOVE my church. They have done so much for us. They are the most giving people I have ever seen.
Growing up I did not have a church family. The family I was VERY close to I lost. My brother got killed and then my grandparents died. We barely ever went to church. I always prayed and I always knew God, but not like I do now. The amazing thing is I always prayed. I prayed for others and I prayed many times for myself.
I now have something I have never had. I feel like I have so many people that love me, Wesley, and our children. It is an amazing feeling.
The most important thing is; God is amazing and I know that. I know that God loves me so much. He is working in my life everyday.
Today our church family collected money to help with our financial medical burden. I am still beyond words at how giving my brothers and sisters in Christ are. They collected more then I could had ever dreamed. This money is going to help us so much.
We were in bad shape. I am so thankful and I feel so loved.

Kyra and Wesley both had a rough day today. Kyra's MRI is tomorrow. Kyra is so beautiful, so loving, it rips at my heart to see her in pain. I am praying that we get good results tomorrow. I am praying that God guides our decisions and gives us comfort.
I truely believe this is God working. There is a reason Kyra's Chiari was found early. She is going to be treated and healed. She will not have to suffer like Wesley. Wesley is going to have to suffer the rest of her life. Hopefully he gets somewhat better, but the reality is, he will never be totally healthly. Kyra has her whole life ahead of her, when we do perform surgery and we know we will have too; this is going to give her a new chance. God prepared us through Wesley. Wesley is so thankful that it has worked out like it had. We are so educated now and do not feel like we are going into this blind. Even though we want the very best for Kyra and do not want her to have brain surgery, we know God is in control and time will tell.
Will update tomorrow. Goodnight.

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