Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Day Marches On!

Wesley stayed out of the ER. YAY for him. The last 24 hours he has been sick. Headache, throwing up, the whole nine yards. I called the Dr. today. He says it will take a few weeks for his body to get adjusted to the new shunt. I sure hope he is right and this is not a sign of things to come. All we can do is take one day at a time. I feel a little better today. Just been pretty emotional and I have been very tired. This weather is not helping either.

Me and the kids got out and went to church tonight. That felt good. I am so blessed by our church. I just LOVE all the members and I LOVE going.

Tonight when we got home the little girls took a bath and got their PJ's on. Breanna had some little house shoes on. Well after getting them to bed, Haley went into her room to find that someone had gotten into her clarinet case and threw everything around. Haley comes to tell me and says, "I think I know who did this, I found these little house shoes that someone left as evidence". It was so CUTE. I just laughed. Breanna thought she got by with it, but did not think about the fact that she left evidence behind. HEHE. Everything was picked up and at least she did not break anything.

I have more I would like to post, but my eyes are telling me to hit the hay. Come back tomorrow for more :) Goodnight!!

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