Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Sour Attitude

I had a sour attitude today towards Wesley and I regret it now. Yes, I said I was sorry. Let me first say that my knee hurts. I fall today at church and hurt my knee. Yes, I fall. On my face, in front of people. If you did not see it you are hearing about it now. Kyra was standing behind me and I fall over her. I had high heels on and could not keep my balance, so on the ground I went. There, my sour mood started.

It does not bother me to tell everyone that I have bad days. I can have a sour attitude. I am not perfect, by any means. I say this because I want others to read it and know that it is ok to have a bad day. No one is perfect. Me and Wesley do not have a A+ marriage. We try and I think we are doing a very good job, but we have bad days too.

Today I was sour and yes it was my fault. Not for sure that I have exactly admitted that to him yet, but I did say I was sorry. I got upset because he had said he would go to church. We go to Sunday School and then he usually meets us there for church. Well today he over slept. Because he stays up half the night and then sleeps half the day. Granted he has sleeping issues and he is in pain. I know, I should understand. So, that upset me. Then I wanted us all to go eat as a family. Nope, he was not hungey. Then, we get home and he just lays in his chair and I could feel steam coming out of my ears. LOL. I went to Wal-Mart to get some milk and cooled off. Yes, I am telling you all this. I had no reason to be upset with him, he just had brain surgery. What do I expect? I feel terrible now. But, this is what it comes down too. I am tired of it just being me and the kids. Everywhere I go. Handling four kids by yourself is a task. Today, it just hit me the wrong way. I think when you are tired and worn down, small things really bother you more then normal. That happen to me today. But, all is good. He understands and has forgiven me. Life goes on!

The kids go back to school tomorrow. Really, I am not happy. That means the mornings become CRAZY again. I am really hoping I start landing some subbing jobs. I have got to start studding. Today was not the day to embark on that. Since I was sour and all ;)

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Anonymous said...

If anybody deserves to have a sour day it is you, give it to yourself and do not feel bad.