Monday, January 4, 2010


Today was the only day that Wesley's Dr. could take out the stitches and see him, so Wesley headed down and got them removed. He said it hurt. Ouch. Hurts me just looking at it. He discussed with the Dr. that he has had a few headaches, but nothing like he used to. The Dr. stated that he thinks the settings will have to be adjusted some, but he wants to give it three months. As long as he does not get worse or the headaches do not get more often, then he goes back in three months and we will see.
Actually feels weird. Three months without having to go to the Dr. Feels great. We are both feeling very positive this time. We know he will have to have another revision over time, but we will take what we can get. If he is well for a year, then that is GREAT. We will take what God gives us.
I can not wait until Kyra's appt. on the 19th. I am really worried about her.
I must get into bed. We are going to see Wesley's mother tomorrow. Thank you all for your prayers regarding her. She is back home and slowly getting better. Praise God!!

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