Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chiari in Children

Chiari I Malformation is a congenital malformation of the skull characterized by a small posterior cranial fossa and impaired spinal fluid flow. The result is a series of chronic and often debilitating symptoms including, but not limited to: headaches, ocular symptoms, otoneurologic symptoms such as vertigo and imbalance, cranial nerve and brain stem disturbances, bowel and or bladder dysfunction and other nonspecific systemic symptoms. This disease and its complications are characterized by remissions and exacerbations, even after surgical repair. This condition is life long and can affect every aspect of one's life.

I found this information tonight. I am thinking that Kyra's bladder and bowel issues are Chiari Related. My goal tomorrow is to start the process of getting her into the Dr. in Oklahoma City.

Maybe we have made the wrong decision. Maybe we should do surgery. I do not know. I am putting my faith in God. I am so sad that she is having bladder, bowel, and headaches. But, is it really bad enough to put her through brain surgery? Maybe a second opionin would help.


cWa said...

Where are you guys located? You should check out Dr. Kemper at Austin Brain & Spine.

Jennifer said...

Do not doubt your decision sweet friend! You are such a great mom and doing what you think is best. Get the second opinion and go from there.

Jennifer said...

I nominated you for a blogger award! Go to my blog and check it out!