Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Days Move On

I have been trying to do a lot of alone time, thinking, and praying.
Kyra has been doing pretty well this week. She is having bowel and bladder problems. We are not for sure if this is Chiari related or something else. I feel like I still have so many unanswered questions and this is not because I did not ask. It is because the Dr. did not fully answer. I really want to try a Dr. in Okla City. I can not help but worry for her future holds. Thats where God comes in. I have to leave that to him. For the time being, I feel like we are doing the right thing. I have questioned myself for sure. We have a whole new "normal". Everyday is something new. Wesley is hurting or Kyra is hurting. Or both! It breaks my heart: Blake and Haley will say. "If daddy and Kyra feel good can we do this today". Our life has changed before our eyes.
I think how awesome it would be if a cure could be found. Some sort of magic that would make them both well and no need for brain surgery. I think how I could make that happen. That thought is crazy. I can not take on the world, but I can try in someway. I am working on that. Do not feel like I am very far, but I am trying.

I have never heard back from my job opportunity. Not surprised at all. It was not meant to be. It would had been 40 plus hours and I think God knows what I need to be doing. I am on the sub list, so I will continue to do some subbing and see what happens.

Update on Prayer List:
**My aunt husband Bobby. He is out of the hospital. He does have brain cancer and will be starting treatments. He has a long road and really needs our prayers.
**Wesley's aunts mother, Choweta. She had her neck and back surgery and now is in a different hospital doing rehab. She needs our prayers as well. She has a very long road.

New Prayers:
**Wesley's mother is back in the hospital. Now the Dr.'s think she has a steph infection. She has had such a rough road and many setbacks, please say a prayer for her.
**I have a dear friend, Christin that is pregnant. She is having some heart issues and is on complete bedrest. She goes to the heart Dr. on Friday. She needs our prayers. She has other children and this is very hard on her.

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Jennifer said...

We keep you guys in our prayers! Love you! Are you guys coming to the superbowl party on Sunday?