Saturday, December 31, 2011

To Continue..

After getting back from Disney World we enjoyed the summer. I am still working with Child Protective Services and I love my job. Many ask exactly what I do there.. I am a "Ongoing Worker". This means that I work with families for 6-12 months that HAVE NOT had their children removed. They may need help with Drugs, Parenting, Counseling, etc. That is what I do. I love helping people. Wesley is continuing to work as much as he can. At this point he is not ready to "give up", he wants to continue to work and hopes that with time he will get better. In August it was time for the kids to go back to school. Haley started the 8th grade, Blake the 4th, Kyra Kindergarten, and Breanna Pre-K. This was the year that Kyra and Breanna would part ways and be at different schools. Kyra's school started a week before Breanna's. For that week Breanna just laided around and slept; no joke. It was sad. But, they both ended up adjusting. They are always thrilled to see each other at the end of the day.
After school started life got VERY busy and has stayed that way. Blake turned 9 in August and Kyra turned 6 in November.
Time continued to fly and now Christmas is over and the new year is almost here. A Chiari Update.. Kyra throughout this year has done pretty well. She has not showed any other signs of problems besides the headaches. When she gets a bad one we just give her Tylenol and comfort her. If she has a crying fit; it will bring a headache right on. When we had her yearly MRI in March 2011 nothing had gotten worse and the doctor did not want to do any surgery on her at this time. That was an answered prayer for us. Wesley continues to be a different story. He stuggles almost everyday. Without going into great detail; doctors are now trying therapy on him, a Tens Unit, and just managing pain. His biggest problem are the headaches and when they get really bad, which is often, he throws up and gets sick. At present time he has had two sleep studies done and they have found that he has severe issues with sleeping. After the 1st of the year he will have a third sleep study completed and the doctors think he may have another condition that is caused from Brain Trama. More on that as we find out. That is where we are. Kyra will have her yearly MRI in March. Everything will be ok with God on our side. I have faith that 2012 is going to be great. Happy New Year!!

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