Monday, January 2, 2012


Around working today I called and got some appts. made. We have not heard when Wesley will go in for his third sleep study, but it should be soon.He was sick over New Years and is still recovering. I go to the Dr. Friday. I had to have a CT Scan completed on my sinuses, before Christmas. The doctor thinks I have bad sinus problems. We will see, I think I believe him. I will get those results Friday. I made Kyra's yearly well-check. The doctor will check weight, etc. I am waiting to hear back on her MRI appt. Breanna had a hearing test completed at her Pre-K and she failed. So it was suggested that I get her hearing checked. I am taking her when I take Kyra so that the doctor can check her hearing. I honestly do not think she has any hearing problems, but I guess we will see. Better safe then sorry. I feel that a few things were taken care of today, around work that I am up to my eyeballs in. And now I sit with my eyes barely open waiting for the girls to go to sleep. Yes it is 11:00pm. I am pretty sure Wesley allowed them to nap earlier while I was at a PTO meeting; even though he says he did not. I chose to smile :) Goodnight!!

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