Saturday, January 7, 2012

Crazy Week

This week has been crazy and stressful. I have been crazy busy at work. I had a training class in Dallas on Wednesday so that involved a lot of driving. I really do love driving, but I was a nervous wreck by the time I got to Dallas. The traffic was horrible. To describe my week.. As I am driving I get about 30 miles down the road and I stop to get gas in the town that my grandmother lives in. I visioned myself going to her house. Peace and comfort came over me. I visioned talking to her about what all is going on. Hugging her. And then going into her guest room, sleeping, and hiding from the world. Of course this was just a vision, I kept driving straight to Dallas. But, this week honestly I have wanted to run away. Every morning I TRY hard to read a little. Right now I am reading Beth Moore. I have quickly reminded myself that God has a plan and everything will work out. My God is huge and my God is able. If I don't get what I ask him for, I know I'll get something bigger. ~Beth Moore Wesley is going into the hospital Wednesday night for his third sleep study. We heard from the sleep doctor today. I really like him. He keeps us so informed. He studied Wesley's last results and he wants to do this third study to try some different machines on Wesley. This is what he thinks is going on, but should know for sure after the next study. Doctor thinks that because of Wesley's brain trauma; his brain is telling his lungs to stop breathing when he falls asleep. There is a machine that can help with this and maybe he can finally start getting some rest which will probably make a lot of issues better. This condition can get worse over time and the outcome is not good. But, I am choosing not to focus on that right now until we know more. Prayers are welcomed and I know we are getting TONS!! ((HUGS)) Everyone!!

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